Security & Fire Safety

UPM Group provides preventive maintenance, service and capital improvements to the fire safety and security of commercial and industrial facilities. Our expertise covers all types of facilities, from shopping malls to hotels to large commercial office buildings.

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Preventive Maintenance

We ensure that the components of your electronic security system – including CCTV, intercom and access control – are working properly. We do the same for the components of the fire safety system – including sensors, strobes, pull stations and network panels. We provide the required certifications under NFPA and other applicable codes to ensure your facility is not only safe, but also compliant.

Capital Improvements

We have installed island-wide security projects in high-sensitivity locales linking through data the video from multiple sites, and utilizing modern access control technology. We have also installed complete retrofits of fire alarm systems to bring the up to standards.

We serve the following equipment:



Access Control



Pull Stations

Network Panels

The UPM Value Advantage


When you engage UPM to maintain or upgrade your fire alarm system, you are taking full advantage of the integration of multiple building systems. Modern day technologies allow – and codes often require – that the fire control system be linked to other building systems such as elevators, smoke control fans, and even security cameras. The security system itself can also be linked to other building systems (for example, lighting occupancy sensors) to maximize its effectiveness. A company with UPM Group’s integration expertise can help you make the most of modern technology, and obtain the highest possible performance from your facility.


When you engage UPM, you also enjoy a superior level of service. A Facility Solutions Engineer manages your account and constantly provides value-added input on cost and performance improvements. You receive 24-hour, 7-day service with a 2-4 hour maximum response time. A dedicated service infrastructure – including an Engineer Department Manager and a Supervisor for the specific discipline – ensures follow through and long-term satisfaction.

Benefits of a high-performing security & fire safety system:

Simply put, the protection of occupant health and property is the highest responsibility that a building operator or administrator has. In addition, a malfunctioning fire detection system can lead to disruptive building evacuations and operating interruptions or fines by government agencies. When the cost of system upgrade and maintenance – typically relatively low for both fire safety and security – is contrasted with the potential consequences of failure, the right choice is to invest.