UPM Group has been a leading Caribbean building systems service provider for more than 24 years. We have deployed – both on a new construction and retrofit basis – sophisticated controls, mechanical, security and fire safety systems in many of Puerto Rico’s landmark commercial and industrial facilities.

The following is a list of capital improvement projects across different systems that UPM Group has implemented.

El Conquistador Hotel & Casino

Building Control System & HVAC equipment for Ball Rooms, Restaurants & Spa

El Mundo Condominium (TELEMUNDO)

Building Management System for HVAC and Web Based Server installation

Hotel Caribe Hilton, Hotel Condado Plaza, Oriental Bank Building, Scotiabank Building, AON Puerto Rico Office, Direct TV Puerto Rico Office, Pratt & Whitney Aguadilla, ESJ Verde Hotel

Building Management System for HVAC Equipment

Abbott Medical Optics

Building Management Systems for HVAC Equipment and Clean-Rooms

Plaza Las Americas

Chiller Plant Optimization program and building integration system

Medtronic Ponce, Boehingert Ingelheim Barceloneta, Lockheed Martin Aguadilla

HVAC Controls Upgrade

Presbyterian Hospital

HVAC Mechanical Central Plant Upgrade

Plaza del Caribe Ponce

BMS Control Systems

Banco Santander de PR

Several branches and Main Buildings BMS integration with Open Protocol

Supermax, Walmart

Refrigeration Maintenance Contracts


Retrofit for energy optimization

CLARO Puerto Rico

Security access Controls for Buildings and Stores

Becton Dickinson

Supply and Install Fire Alarm System