About Us

UPM Group originated 35 years ago from the need for top line service to building automation and security systems in Puerto Rico. Our Company was founded around a core value of responsive service at affordable cost, providing 24/7 emergency service with a 4 hour maximum response time by dedicated Facility Solutions Engineers that ensure customer satisfaction and can suggest facility performance upgrades.

Over time, prompted by customers affected by less rigorous, unresponsive small mechanical maintenance outfits, UPM Group expanded into mechanical and preventive maintenance for underlying HVAC hardware, including chillers, air handlers, Dx units, and pumps, fire safety and security systems, and commercial refrigeration.

We are the largest business partner in the Caribbean of the Schneider Electric Building Solutions Puerto Rico Branch, and the leader in building automation systems on the island. Today, we serve more than 150 primarily large commercial and industrial clients with our staff of more than 40 professionals, including 2 engineers and 25 technicians. Over 100 clients have chosen UPM Group to be the contracted preventive maintenance provider in the areas of building automation, HVAC, mechanical, fire safety, security and electrical systems, and refrigeration.

Looking forward, the Company will focus ever more on energy efficiency and value added systems integration for our client portfolio. In fact, in April of 2010, the main private equity firm in Puerto Rico, Advent Morro Equity Partners, recognized the future potential of UPM Group, and made a large controlling investment in the Company, bringing both financial resources and managerial expertise to the table.

Together, UPM Group and Advent Morro will work together to ensure that our clients continue to enjoy top notch service and cutting edge technology at affordable costs.

Expertise. Service. Affordability.