Power & Lighting


With six electrical engineers on staff and 24 years of experience in building automation systems, UPM has significant capabilities in power quality, monitoring and electrical system optimization.

Lighting Controls Systems – we have integrated the lighting systems at multiple facilities into the Building Management Systems, allowing the control of schedules within the BMS graphical interface. We have also implemented simpler lighting efficiency measures such as occupancy sensors and integration with access control key cards.

Power Monitoring and Metering – we have also integrated key electrical distribution points and their respective electrical data to the BMS graphical interphase, including current, voltage and power quality (power factor). We can integrate both electrical distribution points – such as the main service entrance – as well as major pieces of equipment.

Thermography – our staff includes an electrical engineer specializing in power quality and certified to conduct infrared analysis to prevent fire and save energy, as well as the corresponding equipment.


While UPM is not a firm dedicated to consulting in electrical engineering, we have ample experience and expertise in metering and power quality. Our focus on BMS integration of the measurement means more convenience and ease-of-use for the end client, and allows the execution of energy savings strategies, through the BMS, based on real time consumption data.