HVAC & Mechanical Systems


UPM Group provides preventive maintenance, service and capital improvements to the HVAC (Air Conditioning Systems) of residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our expertise covers all types of facilities, from high-end residential apartments to complex industrial buildings.

Preventive Maintenance – we handle all HVAC equipment types, including multi-unit centrifugal chiller plants, cooling tower arrays, and sophisticated data center machines.

In addition, UPM maintains secondary mechanical systems including drinking water circulation, emergency power generators, and sprinkler fire suppression systems.

Our mechanical preventive maintenance clients include Santander Plaza, San Patricio Plaza, Paseo Caribe, Hamilton Sundstrand, and Empresas Telefónica.

Capital Improvements – we can execute more complex HVAC projects including chiller installations; air and water distribution configuration; and virtually any retrofit work that may be needed.


Expertise – When you engage UPM to maintain or upgrade your HVAC system, you enjoy a higher level of expertise, closer integration with other building systems (such as fire control and power monitoring), and seamless coordination with the Building Management System. Work is performed with a focus on energy efficiency and operational optimization. Your HVAC system receives superior treatment to the many fragmented, budget providers that are common in this market and that ultimately end up costing more.

Service – When you engage UPM, you also enjoy a superior level of service. A Facility Solutions Engineer manages your account and constantly provides value-added input on cost and performance improvements. You receive 24-hour, 7-day service with a 2-4 hour maximum response time. A dedicated service infrastructure – including an Engineer Department Manager and a Supervisor for the specific discipline – ensures follow through and long term satisfaction.



A high-performing, well-maintained HVAC system is a business-critical asset with multiple benefits:

• Lower energy consumption
• Higher tenant and client comfort
• Improved employee productivity
• Fewer downtime and replacement expenses

For example, an effective HVAC maintenance program can reduce conditioning-related energy consumption by 5-10%, according to the U.S. EPA Building Upgrade Manual.